SlashGear Week in Review – Week 38 2008

Chris Davies - Sep 21, 2008
SlashGear Week in Review – Week 38 2008

After a week or two on the down-low, netbooks have been back among the headlines with Sony grudgingly admitting that it will probably make one while MSI discussed plans for their second-generation range.  Not bad for something an AMD VP described as only good for “around the house”.  Elsewhere, it’s been 3G and netbooks getting married: Vodafone revealed their UK deal with Dell, and T-Mobile their Acer deal in Germany.  Speaking of Acer, we unboxed their Aspire One and will have the full review on Monday.

Slightly larger (but only just), Lenovo finally came clean with the X200t Tablet PC and X200s.  Hard to be too surprised when they’ve been the subject of leaks and rumors for months.  If the touchscreen of the X200t appeals, but you’ve got a size-complex, how about HP’s TouchSmart IQ800 Media PC?  Check out our demo video here.

In cellphones, HTC officially announced the Touch HD smartphone everybody drooled over last week, while we unboxed the new Sprint HTC Touch Diamond.  More details spilt out about Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm, but T-Mobile USA have pretty much stolen everybody’s thunder with news of their Android event on Tuesday September 23rd.  Don’t forget, we’ll be Live Blogging the whole announcement at

Retro gaming got the most page views this week, with a mashup of modern titles and classic Atari box artwork proving geekily appealing.  Don’t expect to see them on shelves, however; unlike the Canon 5D mark II (yes, I know, that was an awful segue) which has thrilled DSLR fans just by virtue of finally arriving.

Finally, could it be that tightening belts are finally reaching the big tech companies?  Both NVIDIA and Dell announced job cuts this week, citing tough financial quarters and the need to streamline for the road ahead.  It seems likely that they won’t be the only ones.

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