SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: February 13, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone. It's time to kick off another week with your daily dose of tech news, and there was no shortage of it today. Perhaps most noteworthy, though, at least for the business-minded folks out there, is that Google's deal to acquire Motorola's presence in the mobile market has been approved by both the European Union and the US Department of Justics (you know, the same people who probably would have never let AT&T buy T-Mobile). Now it's just a matter of paperwork before Motorola and Google become one.Featured: We start out today's round of featured content with Don Reinsinger's thoughts on the PlayStation Vita. As he puts it, the device will probably be Sony's last portable. Why? Because of things like the iPhone and iPad, and their instantly accessible games. Games like Monsters Ate My Condo, which we just happened to review today. Also on the review front, check out our look at the Satechi Audio Move SD.Tablets: Hey, guess what? You know how we've been talking about iPad 3 rumors for months on end? It's time for those rumors to finally be put to rest, as Apple's iPad 3 announcemenet has been dated. It's about time. And not to be outdone, Samsung is also pushing its new Galaxy Tab 2, with pricing that we think is set for disaster. Samsung really wants to fight Apple, so this is definitely a clash in the making.General Geekiness: Among the other stories making news today is we got a look at what Firefox will look like when it becomes optimized for Windows 8. But the story that probably fits the title for coolest one of the day has to go to this one Mattel Hover Board prepped for 2012 holiday release. Oh, yes, the hover board we've dreamed of is finally on its way. Well, kind of. Read the story to find out more. And that's it for now. Check back tomorrow when we post Tuesday's evening wrap-up.