Skype VOIP bridge reviewed

It's been a week of VOIP, with reviews of cordless DECT phones for Skype and Windows Live Messenger as well as the Tovo WiFi/GSM phone to be sold by UK supermarket Tesco, and now UberGizmo have a review of a PC-phone bridge.  Designed to allow you to use a normal phone to access Skype on your PC, UberGizmo explain it all: "In a few words, connect VoSky to a PC running the Skype client and connect a regular phone to the VoSky device. Now you can get Skype calls directly routed to your phone along with your normal phone calls. The same process works for outgoing calls. However, here is where things get interesting. You can also place a call (or get a call) even if you are nowhere near your home phone"

It's good and bad, seemingly: reasonable sound quality and "Remote Internet Calling" that lets you dial-in to your home number and then make outgoing calls through your Skype service, balanced against a very basic voice-mail service and the fact that your PC has to be turned on 24/7.  Still, worth a look if you're thinking of setting up a basic VOIP system at home.

VoSky Call Center Review [UberGizmo]