Skype for Business launches on Android

Skype for Business has launched on Android following months in the company's preview program. Skype has designed the app to maximize productivity and give users what they need most. As part of that, Skype for Business on Android has a redesigned dashboard with better placements for things like the contact search bar, recent chats, and meetings coming up.

The app, which is now available in the Play Store, replaces Lync 2013 as an automatic update. The app brings with it some needed improvements, such as "modern authentication" based on access tokens and the option for admins to set multi-factor authentication for other users. With multi-factor authentication, the user would have to authenticate their log in via a text or call or authentication app.

Says Microsoft, contact management has been improved in this app; users are able to perform Global Address List searches using a phone number, name, or email address, and to perform searches within a specific group. Dealing with meetings is easier, too. Tap to see details of already created meetings, and tap "Quick Join" next to an appointment to join the meeting.

Meanwhile, Skype pushed out update 6.8 for iOS yesterday. That new update mostly concerns itself with sharing, making it possible to share with other apps. Users just need to switch it on initially, and from there can directly share photos and such their Skype connections. To do this, open the sharing dialog, tap on "More," then toggle Skype to "on" under Activities.

SOURCE: Office Blog