SimCity: Cities Of Tomorrow Expansion Pack Lands November 15

Maxis has announced that the new SimCity video game will get its first expansion pack in mid-November. SimCity has proven to be a popular game so far even though it had server issues to begin with and requires an Internet connection to play. If you're hoping the expansion pack brings an off-line mode to the game, you're going to be sad.

The expansion pack still requires an Internet connection to play the game, but it does add some new features that gamers will enjoy. The expansion pack is set 50 years in the future of the existing game and brings new technology, planning techniques, and disasters to the mix.

One thing that fans have been clamoring for that is being offered in the expansion pack are larger maps. Gamers used to older versions of SimCity lamented the fact that they had more space to build cities and play in old versions of the game. The expansion pack doesn't expand the land area the player has available to build their city, but it does allow players to build upwards.

Cities can now be built vertically using multizone MegaTowers. The expansion pack also adds new regions and new city specializations along with new transportation methods to the gamer's arsenal. The expansion also brings an evil giant corporation called OmegaCo that strip mines natural resources and pollutes the environment. The expansion pack also gets an exclusive disaster.

SOURCE: Eurogamer