Siemen’s Slider S5 Automatic Iron

Rue Liu - Dec 12, 2006

Ironing clothes can be a painstaking task, which is why Siemens has taken it upon themselves to provide us all with what’s touted as the world’s first automatic iron. This new savior of iron maidens is called the Slider S5 and features an auto-function that creates newly defined temperature levels that are suitable for all iron-able fabrics to prevent damage.

The Slider S5 has a slew of other features including an AntiCalc-System, 3-position automatic shut-off, vertical steaming function, 300ml water tank, and a “Inox-glissee” sole plate that delivers 40g of permanent steam per minute.
Now, if you are like myself, a non-ironer, and clueless to what the above listed features are for, then focus your attention on the stylish design. Nonetheless, I am not convinced by its repertoire and feel that unless it can roll around on my shirts like a Roomba, I cannot consider it truly automatic. And when that day comes, I may then shill out the $133 that this S5 is demanding.

The Slider S5 Iron from Siemens [Via: GizmoDiva]

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