Sega Game Gear Micro poses with a Dreamcast VMU for comparison

As far as retro gaming consoles go, the Game Gear Micro, not "Mini", is probably one of the most peculiar ones out there. It might be the only one that can even be played on the go thanks to its minuscule size. Some, however, might have found it to be ridiculously too teeny for that purpose and a new photo that compares it with Sega's other oddity puts that size into better perspective.

Announced back in June, the Game Gear Micro quickly shaped up to be one of most talked about old console "remake", and not always in a good way. There is no arguing that the thing is tiny and your hands will probably get cramps after playing with it even for a while. But just how small is it really?

Fortunately, Japanese video game magazine Famitsu took a photo of the upcoming device which was generously shared by SEGAbits. Here, the Game Gear Micro sits beside the Dreamcast VMU or Visual Memory Unit, a rather eccentric device that functions both as removable storage for the Dreamcast as well as a second display and controller. That add-on was both loved and laughed at and its spiritual successor might share the same fate.

The Game Gear Micro definitely looks smaller than the already small VMU and the screen is definitely along the same lines as well. Clearly, the device isn't meant for serious gaming and is pretty much a collector's item that happens to play games. That, of course, brings us to the other controversial aspect of the Game Gear Micro.

There are four colors available for this tiny retro console and you'll need to grab all four if you want to complete all 16 old-school Game Gear titles. Fortunately, the Game Gear Micro will retail for around $50 each, otherwise, it would probably cause a bigger uproar from the gaming community.