Sega Describes The iPod As "Flawless" For Gaming

Many people have an almost unnatural obsession with their iPod. I've got one and it's great, I just don't see what all of the fuss is about. Then again some people would make similar remarks about my DS, so I understand. Lately the tiny music player has grown beyond simply playing music and videos, venturing into the realm of gaming. Recently Sega described the iPod as "flawless" when it comes to gaming.

I'll admit that when I heard Sega announce the release of Sonic The Hedgehog for the iPod, I did get a bit excited. I never ended up downloading it though, as I've usually got something I'm trying to beat for my DS. However, I think it is awesome to see a game as big as Sonic making its way onto Apple's iPod.

While Sega praised both the iPod for being able to play games and iTunes for its distribution, they have not announced whether they will be releasing any more of their classic titles for the portable player any time soon.

[via mcvuk]