Secret-agent earphones are tougher than the Feds

These might look like what the fashion-conscious FBI agent is wearing in their ear this season but in fact they're just a set of normal in-ear headphones, albeit coming in unusual colours.  The brand name is pretty odd too – AiAiAi – but the specs hopefully speak for themselves: 20 to 20,000Hz frequency range and super-tough break resistant cabling.



Let's face it, though, people are going to buy them for the design.  The work of Kilo Design, they're available in olive, black and orange depending on how brazen you are (or how little you need to be undercover, I suppose); interchangeable ear plugs give you the choice of latex or foam.

Really it's just a shame there's no built-in microphone; they'd make a neat hands-free kit for use with your cellphone.  They're available for pre-order now at the not-insignificant price of $75.


AiAiAi Swirl Army Earphones [AudioCubes]