Scientists confirm a single photon can't travel faster than the speed of light

A group of physicists in Hong Kong have crushed the dreams of time travel for geeks everywhere with cold hard scientific fact. The physicists set out to prove that a single photon could not travel faster than the speed of light. The processor of proving that the photon can't travel faster than the speed of light proves that time travel is impossible according to the team.

The researchers working on the project was a team led by Du Shengwang from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The goal of the researchers was to prove Einstein right in his claim that nothing can travel faster than light. Du and his team are the first to have measured the speed of a single photon.

Other than proving time travel isn't possible the team claims that the findings have potential applications in other studies by giving scientists a better picture of the transmission of quantum information. The possibility of time travel was raised ten years ago when scientists discovered superluminal propagation of optical pulses. That discovery was later found to be a visual effect.

[via Discovery News]