Say hello to my little friend

Everyone knows that wandering alone in dark places can make one a bit nervous. You never know who's out there, and what they might do to you. Sure, you can carry pepper spray, but to be effective you need to actually get it in their eyes. Stun guns are great, but they tend to be bulky and expensive. At least that used to be the case, the Lightning Rod from Street Wise will change all of that.

This 6" rod packs quite a punch. 800,000 volts is usually enough to deter even the most aggressive attacker. The stun pen is also an led flashlight, so you'll always be able to see where you're going. It also has 3 different safety devices, a cap that must be removed, a safety lock, and a red led that lets you know it's live. But the best feature by far is the price. At $34.95 no one should wander down dark streets without one.

Electro-Weapon: 800,000 Volt Lightning Rod Stun Pen Flashlight [via Gizmodo]