SawStop Will Save Your Fingers

My grandpa is a woodworker, and he's good enough at what he does that he still has all ten of his fingers. However, accidents happen to even the most skilled craftsman around woodworking equipment. Unfortunately with saws meant to chop through wood, a finger or two can be easily sliced through. But this cool technology called SawStop might just save your precious digits.

The idea is that the saw has a small electronic charge. The human body absorbs a small portion of the charge when it comes into contact with the blade. A device monitors the blade for any changes, and if the charge drops, the blade instantly stops and retracts into the table leaving only a small scratch.

The most amazing part about this technology is that it has been around for a while, only we see very few saws that use it. My only guess is that manufacturers worry about the additional cost as well as the legal matters that could arise. Most saws have nothing in place that prevents you from chopping off a finger, so there's no worry about getting sued, you work at your own risk. However, if they put in something that prevents major injuries like this, there will be idiots out there showing it off to their friends and eventually one of them will get their finger sliced clean off. Then they'll want to sue for millions of dollars just because they were stupid. You have to love how stupid people ruin everything.

Amazing SawStop Cuts Anything But Your Fingers [via gizmodo]