Sanyo 4LCD projector promises vivid colors at 7k lumens

Sanyo have announced the world's first LCD projector that uses four panels, not the usual three.  The new LCD is called the "Color Control Device" and sets out to maintain bright colors despite the brightness being cranked up.  In fact, Sanyo are also claiming the PLC-XP200L has the brightest luminance among semi-portable projectors, coming in at 7,000 lumens.

Loss of color clarity is due to excess yellow light in the projected picture, and the PLC-XP200L's fourth LCD apparently increases brightness by 20-percent over models with the usual three panels.  The projector also uses Sanyo's cartridge-based filter system, with a lifespan of around two years and easy replacement.

Contrast is 2,200:1 and there's a nifty remote-controlled dimming feature which is intended to prevent a presentor from being blinded by all those lumens.  Inputs include DVI-I, two different types of RGB and S-Video, as well as mini-jacks for stereo sound.  Max resolution is 1024 x 768 normally, but it can output 1080i or 720p from HD sources and up to 1600 x 1200 when hooked up to a computer.

The PLC-XP200L will go on sale in the US in September, priced at $9,995.  Sanyo plan to use the 4LCD technology in other future models, which will hopefully be a little more affordable and maybe even support 1080p.