SanDisk unveils 64GB iNAND Embedded Flash Drive for mobile phone storage

SanDisk is huge in the flash storage market with products ranging from microSD cards for smartphones to SSDs for notebook and desktop computers. The company has announced a new embedded NAND flash product aimed at smartphones and portable devices with 64GB of storage capacity.

The new iNAND 64GB drive can be used for system booting, system code, and mass storage functions. The device is intended to be used in smartphones and mobile phone supporting video and music storage along with other applications. The new iNAND is based on an eight flash die stack using the SanDisk advanced X3 32nm flash and is offered in a 16 x 20 x 1.4mm form factor with standard BGA interface.

SanDisk reports that the new product consolidates system code and user storage onto a single embedded device to save board space and simplify the design. The iNAND device also allows for reduced power consumption, leading to longer battery life for smartphones, compared to designs that need separate storage for system code and user data.