SanDisk possibly getting into the music and movie sales business?

Word is that SanDisk might be stepping into the media sales business with their MicroSD cards. Sansa Sessions is a deal they apparently already have in place where with the purchase of a new 8GB Sansa Fuze player you get a free microSD card packed with 55 tracks.

They are even discussing loading the flash cards with Movies which would be nice, too bad mobile phones and the like don't have DivX support. Could you imagine being able to load up 3-4 movies on a single 2-4GB microSD card?

Regardless, they have microSD cards that go up to 16GB now which could hold up to 4 full length movies in an uncompressed format. Although selling one film on one card of 4GB, or 2GB if they lower the frame rates and resolution would probably be more business savvy. So far they have yet to start selling microSD cards with media on it, they are just giving them away, but it should be interesting if they do start selling them.

[via CrunchGear]