Samsung Wave S8500 gets previewed

We have already talked a bit about the Samsung Wave smartphone that has been spied at MWC. The device is the first Bada smartphone to come from Samsung and the gang at Mobile-review has landed a hands on preview of the device.

The Wave is said to be one of the best performing handsets around thanks to its price/performance ratio. The big touchscreen has mechanical buttons underneath for access to functions and it is said to be palm friendly. The handset has a forward camera for video calls and an ambient light sensor.

The device also sports a digital compass, microUSB socket, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The handset also has a standalone DNSe chip that is very much like the chips in Samsungs music players. The big Super AMOLED screen is 3.3-inches and has an 800 x 480 resolution with 16 million colors. Mobile-review reports that the device in its preview is a prototype that has early versions of software and the final handset may vary a bit from what we see here.