Samsung said to launch three flagship phones in three months

It has been a hard year so far for many companies, some of which have even been forced to shut down in the past six months. Even giant corporations are not immune to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. That is one of the factors that Samsung has blamed the poor sales of the Galaxy S20 series on and it may now be forced to take drastic measures. Measures that apparently include launching three high-end flagships in a span of three months, one for each month starting August.

It's already expected that Samsung will announce quite a lot of high-end products in early August, starting with the Galaxy Note 20 series. It will be joined by the Galaxy Fold 2 and two Galaxy Tab S7 tablets but there might even be a runner up in the form of the Galaxy S20 "Fan Edition", a.k.a. Galaxy S20 Lite. Of course, it isn't expected that Samsung would launch all of those at the same time but now it will reportedly adopt a rather unusual schedule.

According to a report from Korean media, Samsung plans on launching one device per month in the course of three months. That means it will launch the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (or Plus) in August while the Galaxy Fold 2 will ship in September. The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will close that period in October but no mention has been made about the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+.

Such a tight schedule definitely reeks of some desperation on Samsung's part to recoup all their losses in the first half of the year. The Galaxy S20 excessive features and price may have been ill-timed given the global situation and it is expected to rank as one of Samsung's worst-selling flagships. Whether that strategy will work in Samsung's favor, however, is still arguable.

At least it does seem that the Galaxy Note 20 is poised to undo or at least mellow down the Galaxy S20's excess, though there's still some debate on whether the flat Galaxy Note 20's compromises will do more harm than good. The Galaxy Fold 2 could definitely be a winner with its larger screens, both inside and out, but pricing will be the deciding factor.