Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC - Now With Crunchy XOHM WiMAX Goodness!

This UMPC is fairly amazing on its own, what with the touchscreen, Windows Vista or XP Tablet Edition, Intel Core Solo ULV processor, WiFi, b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, and small compact size. Now you can add support for Sprint's upcoming Xohm WiMAX network to that list of connectivity options/features.

On top of the new updated Q1 Samsung is also pimping out a new E100 PC card which also offers up XOHM connectivity to devices you may already own. Both are truly impressive and are being showsn off at CTIA this week.

The Q1 you can expect sometime this fall and will probably remain close to the $1000-$1100 price tag of current models. The card on the other hand will be available in June for an undisclosed amount, the card will presumable be available from Sprint.

[via PhoneMag]