Samsung gobbles 61% of 3D TV market

The 3D TV market is hardly booming today with the sets not selling as well as TV makers had expected. This is due to a number of reasons including the lack of 3D content and the fact that the tech is more expensive than most consumers are willing to pay today. That will change and 3D TV will become more and more common as the tech matures and gets cheaper and better.

The market may not be as strong as TV makers had hoped, but Samsung has over 60% of what market for the sets there is. Samsung claims that its unit and dollar share for the 3D TV market in the May 22 to June 18 period was 61%. That percentage includes both LED and Plasma 3D TVs. NPD has Samsung at 50% of the unit and dollar market share for April to May 2011.

One of the things that will help Samsung continue to grow its market share is that its 3D glasses had a significant price cut in May to $49.99. That is still $200 more for a family of four to get 3D glasses, but much cheaper than some other 3D glasses, that can cost $100 or more.