Samsung: Galaxy Tab return rate is under 2%

Chris Davies - Feb 3, 2011, 8:20 am CDT
Samsung: Galaxy Tab return rate is under 2%

The Galaxy Tab saga continues, with Samsung’s latest umbrage being over analyst reports that return rates for the 7-inch slate were as high as 16-percent in the US. Not true, Samsung reckons; in fact, the return rate on Galaxy Tab units is below 2-percent.

The clarification comes only days after Samsung was forced to rectify another rumor regarding the Galaxy Tab, after reports mistakenly claimed a company executive described sales as “quite small.” Instead, Samsung pointed out, the quote had been “quite smooth.”

A sub-2-percent return rate would actually put the Galaxy Tab on a par with Apple’s iPad, which the same researchers quoted around 2-percent returns for. Apple is yet to announce specific figures for iPad satisfaction, however.

[Thanks Kai!]

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