Samsung BD-UP5000 - Tackles both Blu-ray and HD DVD

Still not sure which HD format is going to come out on top? Don't worry, I don't think any of us know for sure. If you want to play it safe and get something that's going to play both, check out the new BD-UP5000 from Samsung.

The BD-UP5000 in unique in the fact that it has full support for HD DVDs, something that LG's dual disk player was unable to actually do. While LG's player could technically play HD DVDs, it wasn't able to handle the interactive features on the discs. Samsung's new offering can do it all.

In addition to playing HD discs it will also upscale your current DVDs to 1080p, it's got HDMI 1.3 outputs to get the most out of your picture. Look for this sometime before the holiday season for $1050.

Samsung Duo player does Blu-ray and HD DVD, will upconvert DVDs to HD... if it must [via scifitech]