Samsung Android smartphone on Sprint & T-Mobile in Q2 2009

Samsung are currently developing an Android-based smartphone, which will launch on carriers T-Mobile USA and Sprint by the end of June 2009.  The device, which is believed to be similar in design to the Samsung Omnia and Instinct, will have a full touchscreen interface and is the product of an Android task-force the company established a year ago.  Carrier demand, however, has seen development of the smartphone accelerated for the new Q2 2009 target date.

"We are accelerating the development process for Google phone in order to meet the specific need of local carriers.  We will be able to release Google phone in the second quarter of the next year in the US market" Samsung Electronics spokesperson

In order to achieve that, Samsung added a further 30 experts in Linux and Java to the task force team of its information and communications division, bringing the total number to 80.  Specific design details of the handset they're working on are unknown, but it's expected to minimal hardware controls and will almost certainly include 3G connectivity: EVDO Rev.A for Sprint, and HSPA for T-Mobile USA.

Analysts are pointing to the growing market share of Android together with Apple's OS X on the iPhone as key stimulators for Samsung's development direction.  Currently the manufacturer uses Windows Mobile and its own proprietary OS on handsets, but these have been overshadowed in recent months.

[via Android Community]