Samsung add rotating screen to digicam for no real reason

Forgive my cynicism, but might the origins of this digital camera hark at least in some way from a surplus of rotating cellphone screens in Samsung's mobile handset division?  The VLUU i7's claim to fame is a twistable 3-inch display that can be swivelled around to either show portrait or landscape images or video clips in the orientation they were taken in, while audio is boosted by an SRS sound enhancer giving the impression, they'd have us believe, of 3D surround.

Perhaps I'm naive, but is there really a market for a digital camera that also does service as a video playback device?  And are there people who are so fastidious about their image reviewing that they have to see it take up as much of the screen as possible?  I could understand the latter, maybe, if this was some ultra-high resolution snapper which filled memory cards faster than you could say "go swivel" – then you'd have just reason to make sure each shot was a keeper – but at 7.2-megapixels it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Frankly this seems like a case of "because we can" more than anything else.  It's not a bad camera at heart – 3x optical zoom, sensitivity up to ISO 1600 and anti-shake are all there – but by the time it launches in the US at the end of the year I don't think there'll be many queueing up around the block to buy it.

Samsung [via Electronista]