Rumor: Touchscreen BlackBerry coming?

The BGR has what looks like either a really blurry picture that has been cropped out of its original photo, or its just some sort of mockup, which is my guess. I really wouldn't put too much stock in this photo being at all reliable, but hey, I am just reporting the news.

It would make some sense that RIM maybe give the whole touchscreen thing a try, but if the past is any hint, I doubt they will. RIM keeps it simple, only adding features that would actually make their devices more convenient for business users. Somehow I don't think having to worry about breaking the touchscreen on your device would add convenience to business users.

Plus RIM keeps to its own little section of the market, I haven't seen a single instance of RIM trying to step on another company's toes like it would Apple with such a device as this. But the word is, if this device is real, it will have 3G, a 600MHz CPU, and will have two models numbered in the 9000's. Sounds more like a wish list than anything off of an actual spec sheet.

RIM Blackberry 9000 Touchscreen Phone Leaked? [via i4u]