Rumor: TomTom developing GPS adapter and software for iPhone?

James Allan Brady - Dec 12, 2007, 2:32pm CST

There are rumors out there that certain companies have already received the SDK for the iPhone from Apple, but is TomTom one of the companies you would have thought to find on that list? This image, from Engadget, is from a Dutchman (god I hope he was flying) and is supposedly TomTom software and a GPS attachment running on the iPhone.

The device is definitely an iPhone, and the gadget attached to the bottom says TomTom and definitely looks like a prototype or loaner device judging by the sticker on the attachment. And although we can tell by the wood grain that this iPhone probably isn’t in a car on its way to Rotterdam, that stretch of road apparently is one of the stretches TomTom likes to use for demos and such.

And did I mention that the picture coming from the Dutch is significant since that’s where TomTom is from? No news other than what was gathered from the picture, but hopefully we’ll know more come MacWorld. Did I mention we will be at MacWorld? Liveblogging? Taking Pictures? Yeah, hey, guess what guys? We are going to be at Mac World, just thought I’d give you the heads up.

TomTom developing iPhone GPS Module [via engadget]

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