Rumor – SL98 phone from BenQ Siemens

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 23, 2007

Do you ever have a great idea that, when you actually act on it, doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore? I’m thinking that’s the case with this new SL98 prototype phone from BenQ Siemens.

The idea is to have a phone with a small LCD screen for dialing and text information only to save battery life. When you need a larger screen, you can pop it up from inside the phone. Like I said, it sounds like a great idea, however, this first prototype looks ugly.


That’s not to say that a future revision won’t look nearly as clunky. However, I think that this one needs to go back to the drawing board.


SlashRumor: BenQ Siemens SL98? [via SlashPhone]

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