Rovio Takes on Nokia with an Angry Call to Arms

Chris Burns - Feb 11, 2011
Rovio Takes on Nokia with an Angry Call to Arms

In a move that can only be called “absolutely insane yet somehow very sensible,” Rovio has re-tweeted a joke sent out by mobile entrepreneur Jan Ole Suhr that notes that the only hope Nokia has of surviving their future with Microsoft is to make sure Rovio creates a version of Angry Birds compatible with Windows Phone 7! Of course there has been no response from Nokia as of yet, while Microsoft has also remained silent on the matter.

This is the latest in responses to this morning’s announcement of Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft to seal the deal on Windows Phone 7 (effectively a death warrant for Simbian and/or MeeGo.) The next nearest response has been Google Google offering Nokia employees a job. Meanwhile Nokia workers are walking out on their jobs in Finland, and we explain everything you’re going to need to know about the whole situation.

[via Twitter]

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