Roku Sends Out Roku 2.8 Firmware Update, Adds UI Improvements

Evan Selleck - Nov 5, 2010
Roku Sends Out Roku 2.8 Firmware Update, Adds UI Improvements

If you’ve already got your Roku set-top box, and you’re happy with it, then you’ve probably been wanting an update to the User Interface for a little while now. Perhaps not a major one, but one that that at least made it look a little prettier, and added a few details. That time has finally arrived, as Roku has begun to push out the Roku 2.8 firmware update this morning.

The update is specifically made to bring some much-needed changes to the User Interface. Users will now be able to reorder channels on the home screen, so that they can better access their favorite channels. The Channel Store now features a new grid layout, which should help in users finding new content, faster. Something that’s been missing since the launch is a clock on the home screen, as well as time controls, but those have been officially added in this new update.

There are some points in the fine print, though. If you want to actually reorder your channels, you’ll need to have the new Roku controller that was announced along with the new Roku boxes not too long ago. If you have an older box, you can still get the updated firmware, but you’ll have to drop $15 to get the new remote. And, while Roku has promised Hulu Plus streaming in the past, it didn’t make it to this update. You should see a pop-up notification that your system is ready for an update. Let us know how it goes, and how you like the improvements, if you update your box.

[via Zatz Not Funny]

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