Rocket Fishing Rod-kills fish more efficiently

In today's day and age Mom's aren't too keen on giving their kids toy guns. It's slowly escalated, making the whole thing a bit more paranoid than careful at times. I find it a bit funny that with all of that going on in the world (America especially), someone invented a fishing rod that looks like a bazooka.

Hey, they just said guns; they never said anything about explosives or rocket launchers. You even pump it before you fire it out into the water, poor fish. Hey with this bad boy, your kids won't have to be patient and actually learn how to fish. The up side is that it is supposed to cause less fishing lines to get caught in the trees.

The line casts over 30 feet and comes with an instructional video. It is priced at $39.98. Although Mom's may disapprove, devious Aunts and Uncles can get away with buying one guilt-free for their nephew or niece.

Rocket Fishing Rod [via funniest gadgets]