Rock Band Weekly DLC – NIN and Shinedown

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 21, 2008

Well, E3 is over, which means this week will no doubt be a little slower on the major gaming announcements. However, you can always count on the guys at Harmonix to bring us a little something new every week. This week they’ve given us some Nine Inch Nails and Shinedown to look forward to.

Nine Inch Nails 3-pack:

  • NIN “Burn”
  • NIN “Capital G”
  • NIN “Last”
  • Shinedown “Devour”
  • Shinedown “Junkies For Fame”

I always welcome more Nine Inch Nails to my set list, especially when the songs are spread out from a few different albums. We’ll be able to grab the 3-pack for the usual $5.49, or individual tracks for $1.99. The Shinedown tracks will only be available individually for $1.99.

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