RIM denies claims it lied about BlackBerry 10 delay

Following reports that RIM had lied about the reason behind its BlackBerry 10 delay, the company has expectedly shot back with a statement calling the rumors "inaccurate and uninformed." RIM stands by its original explanation, which attributed the delay to the wait on a new dual-core 4G LTE chip that would not arrive until mid-2012.

"RIM made a strategic decision to launch BlackBerry 10 devices with a new, LTE-based dual core chip set architecture," responded RIM in a statement. "As explained on our earnings call, the broad engineering impact of this decision and certain other factors significantly influenced the anticipated timing for the BlackBerry 10 devices. The anonymous claim suggesting otherwise is inaccurate and uninformed."

"We will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready and we believe this new chip set architecture is required to deliver the world class user experience that our customers will expect," said the company further reiterating its stance. "Any suggestion to the contrary is simply false."

Citing a high-level and "most trusted" inside source, BGR had reported that the delay was instead due to the next-gen platform being far from done. The source revealed that the current state of the BlackBerry 10 QNX-based platform wasn't even as good as iPhone OS 1.0 or Android 2.0.

[via TechCrunch]