Revolutionary PDA has a hidden cell phone hidden inside

Chris Scott Barr - Apr 13, 2007

Just imagine, you’re working on a document on your PDA, and suddenly you realize that you’re missing an important detail. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just flip over that PDA, and slide out a stand-alone phone? That way you could make a call and find out the facts without having to carry around two separate devices.

No, you aren’t reading some story from 1996, someone has actually filed for a patent that describes exactly that. Maybe someone should break the news to them that they make phones that are PDAs. Perhaps we should inform them that phones also include cameras and MP3 players before they cook up a giant phone with half a dozen detachable accessories.

Could you imagine how bulky a device such as that would be? I had an old iPAQ that was pretty big once, and it was practically unbearable to carry around. I guess they could cram a phone and PDA into something that size these days. But who would want to?

PDA with Built in Mobile Phone [via Slashphone]

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