Retired Windows Phone manager lands a job with Google

Google has another employee to add to their popular and ever-growing list as they've recently hired one of the head managers from the Microsoft Windows Phone crew — Joe Marini. Joe was "retired" or resigned follwoing some troubled waters after tweeting information regarding the then unannounced Nokia Lumia 800 Mango handset.

The Windows Phone web platform manager got into trouble for not only talking about the handset but he gave a mini review and had a few not so good things to say about the camera. The Nokia Lumia 800 is quite an excellent handset if I don't say so myself. Feel free to read our in-depth review by Chris Davies.

It looks as if Marini is back to his tweeting ways today after posting a few of those 140-character messages about his new venture with Google. You can see from the tweet he aims to "drive the web forward" and his job description is titled "Google Dev Advocate" and will involve developer relations, HTML5 apps, and many other things that aren't yet known.

We aren't sure if Joe will continue to share details on Twitter but we'll be sure to follow him. He also noted that he's putting together a blog to answer questions regarding what happened with his departure from Microsoft.

[via LiveSide]