Researcher creates an armpit for robots complete with BO

Anyone that has kids knows a lot about body odor. My kids run outside all day in the 100-degree heat and when they come in at the end of the day they often smell like puppies that rolled in dead ass. If you were going to create a more lifelike robot, I don't think you need to go so far as to try to replicate the scent of body odor of this sort. That is exactly what Kevin Grennan is doing though. Grennan has created a robot armpit.

The robot pit is really gross if we are being honest and it even has hair under it making it even more disgusting. The pit is fitted with sweat glands and can emit a chemical odor that has a specific affect on humans. For instance, a bomb disposal robot sweat gland will release the smell of human fear. I suspect that scent to be a concoction of feces, urine, and sweaty ten year old.

The scent is supposedly able to increase cognitive performance. The only thing that BO makes me think about is how bad the smelly person needs a shower. The researcher also thinks that a robot on the assembly line that emits a chemical called androstadienone found in male sweat would increase the performance of female workers nearby. Where do these people get their research?

[via BoingBoing]