Remember the Unlocked iPhone Being Sold In China? Yeah, It Works.

So some people started selling supposedly unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong, well it turns out they aren't just vapor, they actually work. There are several pics and vids of one them being used with a Hong Kong CSL SIM.

The best part, everything works just like with an AT&T SIM. They aren't too sure about SIM and Voicemail services, but everything else, even EDGE works fine.

Sadly, due to supply and demand, they price has gone up, all the way up to $2000 each, or $750 just for the unlocking. Personally, I think the $600 for the iPhone in the first place is too much, so there is no way in hell I am going to buy one for 2 grand or even think about paying another $750 to have it unlocked.

SIM-free iPhones tried out in Hong Kong: it works. [via gearfuse]