Razer x BAPE "A Gaming Ape" tee, camo tee, Goliathus Speed hands-on

Today we're getting up close and personal with a few bits of the collaboration known as Razer x A Bathing Ape (aka BAPE). This "A Gaming Ape" collection spans several accessories, a pair of headphones, a mouse, and a mousepad, as well as a few key pieces of gaming-ready clothing. The first item we're going to take a look at here today is the Razer x A Bathing Ape Goliathus Speed.

Goliathus Speed

The mousepad known as Goliathus Speed is part of a collection of precision-crafted pads made specifically for the gaming mouse. For the average computer user, a specific sort of mousepad isn't particularly necessary. For people that play games, having non-garbage mousepad can be vital.

This mousepad works with what Razer describes as a "slick, taut weave." It's made to deliver the ideal surface for a mouse with a light-based sensor system. If you're using an old-school trackball... actually that'll work just fine, too.

The BAPE factor here is largely the printing. In the mix is the new BAPE outline camo pattern with triple snake Razer logo among the masses. The "A GAMING APE" with headset-wearing ape is here in full effect, too. UPDATE: This special edition Razer x A Bathing Ape Goliathus Speed (Medium) was made available for around $50 in December 2020, but has since sold out!

Black Tee and Camo Team Tee

The Razer x A Bathing Ape Tee – in black – has the A GAMING APE college tee logo arrangement with a precise application of color and size. This tee is 100% cotton, and it's thick. This is a heavy duty tee shirt, of that you can be sure.

The Razer x A Bathing Ape Tee was released in December of 2020 for approximately $115 USD. UPDATE: Both the white and the black versions of the Razer x A Bathing Ape Tee are now sold out.

Next you'll find the 100% polyester "Razer x A Bathing Ape Tee – Camo Team shirt. This shirt's pattern is the same as you'll find on the Goliathus Speed, light Razer green and a darker green on black. The A GAMING APE (Razer x A Bathing Ape) and headset-wearing BAPE logo are all screen-printed in thick, vibrant ink.

This shirt is going to be more difficult to keep in mint condition, if that's you're aim. The shirt material (it being polyester) is thin and light, and the print at the chest will crack and age unless you're extremely delicate each and every time you sport this tee.

The Razer x A Bathing Ape Tee – Camo Team was released for a price of approximately $180 USD. UPDATE: By the time you read this, you'll likely only find the Camo tee available in SMALL, unless you head to the aftermarket – where the prices are just MAD!

ALSO note: The last item in stock (in some markets) remains the Razer Opus, A Bathing Ape edition. These would be basically the same as the extremely impressive Razer Opus we got to experience in May of 2020, but gone full APE! You might be able to find one left over at The Razer site right now – unless by the time you read this, the Bathing Ape fully left the lukewarm water.