RAmos W7 Android MID snapped again

With all the attention on eReaders and tablets at CES and in the media it's no surprise that there are several new MIDs, tablets and other devices coming to market to take advantage of the buzz in the category. Some new pics of an unreleased MID called the RAmos W7 have hit the web.

The device runs the Android Os and is said to use the Rockchip RK2808 processor. A look at the pics shows that Android has been customized with a special interface. The pics show that the device has an app for the Android Market and it features stand-alone video, music, and image players that are not standard with Android reports MP4 Nation.

Other features include an app installer for apps not downloaded for the Android marketplace, and preloaded games. The device is thought to be a pre-production unit so the final product could be different from what we see here.