Qik for iPhone 3GS arrives: uploads but no real-time streaming

Chris Davies - Aug 14, 2009
Qik for iPhone 3GS arrives: uploads but no real-time streaming

We’re big fans of Qik here at SlashGear; we’ve used the streaming video service to give you sneak-peaks behind the scenes at various press events.  Now an official version for the iPhone 3GS has been added to the App Store, taking advantage of Apple’s newly-loosened attitude toward video capture.  Unlike Qik as we know it, however, the first version of Qik for iPhone 3GS doesn’t support real-time low-latency streaming, but instead works as a capture-and-upload tool.

That means you can use it to record footage then instantly upload it, or pick clips you’ve already filmed from the iPhone 3GS’ camera roll and upload them, but you can’t stream in real-time.  It’s also limited to WiFi connectivity at the moment, though Qik say they’ve a second, 3G-capable version currently trying to fumble its way through Apple’s approval process.

Other neat features include both landscape and portrait orientation support, plus geotagging of videos, and of course it’s free both to download and to register a Qik account.  We can’t help but miss the real-time functionality, but if you’ve been looking for an easy way to share geotagged footage and you’re often within spitting distance of a WiFi connection, then this might be your app.

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