Q-Ray: "healthy living" or a load of bull!

I have recently seen these commercials for Q-Ray "ionized bracelets." Claims include better living, "balance" in life, and even weight loss. Claims also include great design, which is obviously wrong even at first sight.

Numerous complaints have gone through to Q-Ray, and apparently the feds have charged them. The Q-Ray has a half-hour informercial with "happy users" continously shouting "It Works!" There is even more promotion from a professional LPGA golder, Sandra Post.

I can also vouch that the Q-Ray is a load of garbage. Q-Ray also has a necklace, with the same piece of metal that is in my Suunto Smart Watch as the antenna (and no, the watch does not advertise "better living" as a feature). The same piece of metal that is in the Q-Ray DOES advertise "better living".

Qray Product Page [Via: Qray]