PS3 to Get Updated on Launch Day

There's one major upside to having selling an expensive piece of electronics with an upgradeable firmware; you can fix all the little nagging issues you find after sending the specs to manufacturing without having to recall every little machine. That seems to be the case with Sony's PlayStation 3; anyone lucky enough to get a console on launch day will be told to update to version 1.10, which will update the system to allow full use of the PlayStation Network. A second update is planned for the end of November, this time to enable PSP connectivity and update the PSP's firmware to v3.0, assuming you have a PS3 with a Wi-Fi adaptor. This PSP firmware update will allow PSP game downloads from the PlayStation Store as well as a remote control feature that would allow users to control their PS3 via their nifty little handheld. Sounds cool on-paper; let's see how it works in real-life.

[via 1UP]