PS3 ITV Player and Channel 4 4oD streaming due this week

ITV Player and Channel 4's 4oD streaming catch-up services are set to arrive on PS3 consoles in the UK this week, though Xbox and Wii services still look unlikely in the short-term. According to the Guardian, both networks expect the launch to gain them more audience among the gamer demographic, though unlike the BBC's iPlayer – which has been available on the PS3 for some time now, as well as on Xbox and Wii – both ITV and Channel 4's services will be ad-supported.

That provision is the key reason why Wii support isn't planned, according to Sarah Rose, director of commercial business development at Channel 4, who claims that the Nintendo console lacks the facility to carry adverts. As for Microsoft, Rose claims the company was simply "not coming to our door" actively looking for deals other than the iPlayer service.