Protect your new iPhone with an iSkin revo case

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 28, 2007

If you’re looking for the perfect accessories for your new iPhone, you might want to check out this new protective case from iSkin.

The new iSkin revo adds a different look to your iPhone that I think is pretty cool. The case is made from a premium silicon material with an embedded anti-microbial agent. This not only protects your phone when it is dropped, it helps slow the growth of bacteria on your precious phone.

The case doesn’t just protect the outer casing of the iPhone, it also has a privacy film for the touchscreen and a ViSOR polycarbonate scratch resistant screen protector. You will be able to get the revo in 5 different colors starting in July for just $39.99.

iSkin announces ‘revo’ case for the Apple iPhone [via MYiTablet]

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