Protect your Home Theater investment with Panamax power management and filtration systems

No, the Panamx power management and filtration systems will not be able to reduce your excessive PS3's fan noise or your power bill. But it will improve your overall Home-theater system by removing common ground problems like speaker hum, regulate the power flow by keeping the voltage in range and protect your luxurious audio video devices in the event of a surge.

Newly announced is the Panamax M5400 power management and MFP-400 filtration systems designed to improve audio and video quality of home theater components. It features Level 4+ power cleaning and Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT) and offers 10 switches in five isolated outlets. If you have power hungry devices like subwoofer or amplifier, there are also two high current 15A delayed switches controlled by front power switch. Other features include 12 volt trigger, LAN port, USB charger and AVM (automatic voltage monitoring)

[via cepro]