Pricing for Intel Quad Core CPUs

According to Digitimes, Intel's Core 2 Quadro Extreme QX6700 quad core CPU will sell for $999 in 1000 unit lots when launched next month. This information they claim to have originated from sources at Taiwan motherboard manufacturers who are familiar with Intel's latest roadmap. They also claim that the Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor will be available in Januaray 2007 at $851 US. On top of that, it is suggested that the quad core's expensive price would render it low in popularity claiming only 3% of the Intel's total desktop CPU shipments. The price may drop in the third quarter of 2007 when Intel is expected to launch its next-generation quad-cores, codenamed Yorkfield. Meanwhile, AMD is likely to follow suit with its own quad-core CPU.Intel Quad Core CPU Prices Leaked [Via: I4U via Digitimes]