Pre-order Command & Conquer 3, get a free Kane bobblehead

You see a lot of different items meant to entice you into pre-ordering your favorite game. Honestly, pre-ordering is probably one of the best ways to get cool swag from various games without actually going to a big con. GameStop rarely disappoints on the swag front, and the launch of Command & Conquer 3 is certainly no different.

If you pop into your local GameStop, you'll be able to slap down a few bucks to make sure there's a copy of Command & Conquer 3 with your name on it. As a treat, you'll be given a special Kane bobblehead. What's more is that in addition to bobbling his head when you move him, he'll even talk.

I still have yet to understand the fascination of the bobblehead. They're basically just like one of those dancing hula girls you used to see on people's dash boards, only instead of shaking their grass skirts, it's just someone's giant head moving around.

[via Kotaku]