Power House - Learning to "Go Green" before your teens

In our environmentally conscious society we need to start teaching kids the importance of doing their own part to ease the damage we've wrought upon ourselves and them. What better way to do that than make the lesson into a fun project you could all share?

The Power House is just such a project. Children, ages 12 and up, can learn about and build their own environment-friendly house. It includes everything needed to build a model house with solar panels, windmill, greenhouse and desalination system. You'll also get materials to build your own electric train, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric motor, power hoist, sail car and more. Your kids will be able to plant their own gardens with watercress and sauerkraut and will make their own chewing gum. All in all it comes with 70 different experiments and 20 building projects. It's a science class in a box!

The Power House is on sale now for $130 from Discover This. I wish I had something like this back when I was doing science fair, in fact I wish I had something like this now. This is an amazing project for kids and adults alike, seriously consider it for a gift.

Power House Kit [via Discover This]