PomPom Mirror reflects your furry side

Sometimes it feels as if there is nothing new under the sun, and then something like the PomPom Mirror happens. This is a mirror made of cream-colored and black handfuls of fur, and it uses the contrasting colors to reflect the people and objects that stand before it (in silhouette form, that is). It's perhaps the most bizarre mirror you'll ever interact with, though as an art piece the mirror is peaceful and interesting, and incredibly unique.

You'll have to check out the video below for yourself to fully understand what the PomPom mirror is, but in essence it is small bundles of fur collected together onto a single motorized board of sorts. The board moves the fur — both cream colored and black — into different arrangements so that shadows of shapes and objects are shown.

The mirror is the brainchild of Daniel Rozin, and it utilized motion sensors in addition to the pompoms to detect motion in front of it. That motion (and the person) is then reflected back using the integrated tech and the hundreds of motors to which the fur is connected.

Fur isn't the only item that can be used, of course, and there are versions that use things like pegs instead, with each motorized segment serving as a pixel in the "picture plane". The installation is located at the bitforms gallery.

VIA: Engadget, ThisIsCollosal