Pomegranate 'ultimate mobile phone' viral: yes please to the GUI

First things first, we know this is a viral marketing video for Nova Scotia, but it's still slick and shows a really nice mobile phone interface.  Cocking a sly snook at Apple, the Pomegranate cellphone is billed as the ultimate mobile phone.  An inverted tear-drop shape, the three-panel handset fans open to show dual touchscreens and – remember, it's a joke – a coffee pod holder.

Most of the features are what you'd normally find in a smartphone: email, browser, GPS navigation and media player.  Of course, the coffee maker is somewhat unusual, and the mobile high-definition projector not yet feasible with pico-projector technology.

But the hardware isn't the issue here.  I want this GUI on Windows Mobile; frankly, anything would be better than the interface they have now.  Simple, clean, fruit-flavored, it's brilliant.

Demo Video:

Coffee Brewing:

[via GigaOm]