Pokemon GO Update: Unique Halloween Forms List And Meloetta Clue [UPDATE: Live Now!]

Today a whole bunch of new Pokemon appeared in the game Pokemon GO, and we've got the lot here in a list – with additional updates! We've gone through the game to read the latest game files to see all code changes – there's just a few. We've also worked with our friends in the field and the community at The Silph Road on Reddit to confirm all the forms of Pokemon that've gone live this week! It's the best time of the year in Pokemon GO – spooky Halloween event time!

Pokemon GO Halloween new form available

Today a wide variety of brand new, unique, (costumed or otherwise) Pokemon are now available. Included in the costumed collection are a set of the most basic and beloved Pokemon from Gen-1.

• Bulbasaur with Shedinja costume

• Charmander with Cubone costume

• Squirtle with Yamask costume

• Pikachu with Mimikyu costume

• Shiny Bulbasaur with Shedinja costume

• Shiny Charmander with Cubone costume

• Shiny Squirtle with Yamask costume

• Shiny Pikachu with Mimikyu costume

Costumed Pokemon in raids (and raids only) today cannot evolve. That's important, as it suggests that the future of "special hat" Pokemon like this will also be without higher-evolution versions. Less animations to be done, less Pokemon to need to collect.

Yanmask is also widely available today, both in the wild and in Pokemon Eggs. You can find a Yanmask in a 5KM egg, for example – or a shiny Yanmask in the wild. If you're lucky! On that note...

Boosted Shiny Rates in Ghost and Dark type Pokemon

There'll be greater numbers of a variety of Dark Type and Ghost Type Pokemon during this Halloween event. At the same time, it would SEEM that the rates at which Shiny Pokemon are found in these Pokemon are greater. Per the Silph Road thread on Reddit, this advanced study of the Shiny Rate of spawns is yet to be fully tested.

Increased Ghost and Dark types during Halloween event (alphabetical):

• Drifloon (shiny)

• Duskull (shiny)

• Gastly (shiny)

• Golett **

• Houndour (shiny)

• Litwick **

• Misdreavus (shiny)

• Murkrow (shiny)

• Poochyena (shiny)

• Sableye (shiny)

• Shuppet (shiny)

• Sneasel (shiny)

• Stunky **

• Yamask (shiny)

** Golett, Litwick, and Stunky have not yet been confirmed to have Shiny versions, but they're definitely appearing in non-Shiny form in the wild in greater numbers during this special Halloween event. This event lasts: Thursday, October 17, 2019, at 1 p.m. PDT until Friday, November 1, 2019, at 1 p.m. PDT.

Mythic Pokemon Meloetta changes!

Before this latest update, all forms of Meloetta were transferrable. Other Mythic Pokemon are not transferrable because it's highly unlikely that a player might EVER want to do so on purpose. In this latest update, Meloetta – all forms of Meloetta – have had their ability to transfer removed. No more worries about that particular major accident!

UPDATE: This event is live! This event will last until Friday, November 1st, at 1PM Pacific Time. That's not too long from now, and it runs right through the most spooky night of the year!