Plextor's PX-B900A Blu-ray DVD Burner

With all this noise about Sony getting their own Blu-ray DVD drives ready for the masses, it's easy to overlook the other Blu-ray options available. Plextor has announced their first Blu-ray burner, the PX-B900A, an internal ATAPI drive for normal PCs. While no price has been announced yet (though it should come in lower than the price for a comparable Sony drive), the unit will be able to write to BD-R and BD-RE discs at 2x while also supporting DVD-RAM, DVD±R/RW, and CD-R/RWs. And for all you computer lovers, the drive comes in both black and white to match whatever fits your style. Look for the new drive to hit shelves this fall.

Plextor readies Blu-ray recorder [Reg Hardware]